The Amazing Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

benefits of an infrared sauna

When you think of relaxation, there are probably a number of things that you instantly think about. Reading a good book, taking a nice walk, or going to the beach and feeling the nice, warm heat on your skin. You probably might also think about going to the sauna, feeling the warm heat penetrating your … Read more

How Do You Increase Negative Ions in Your Body

how do you increase negative ions in your body?

There’s something about taking a breath of fresh air that can’t fully be described in words. Some words that can try to accurately describe that feeling are refreshing, enlivening, or calming—but these words can’t completely describe the way we feel when we take a deep breath of fresh, clean air.  Maybe it’s the feeling of … Read more

Are Negative Ions Safe?

Are Negative Ions Safe?

Imagine you’re hiking up a mountain near the coast. Do you smell the clear, salty air? Do you feel that sense of euphoria? Mountain climbing, being at the beach, or walking through nature can give you this elated sense—this feeling that sometimes can not be explained. It’s a positive feeling, nonetheless. Would it surprise you … Read more

Everything You Wanted to Know About Negative Ion Bracelets

negative ion bracelet scientific study

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re hiking along a mountain trail. You’d imagine seeing scenic snow-capped mountains, beautiful fir trees, and maybe a stream or two. But what would you feel? Chances are you’d feel refreshed, calm, and enlivened. Why? Sure, the majestic environment of nature can certainly make us feel more alive. But … Read more

How Does an Air Ionizer Work?

How Does an Air Ionizer Work?

There’s nothing like breathing fresh, clean air on a hike, bike ride, or even on a walk in the city. It’s refreshing, invigorating, and makes us feel good inside. There’s nothing like breathing fresh, clean air inside your home. Unfortunately, it can be hard (and nearly impossible) to get the same fresh air in your … Read more

What is Far Infrared Therapy?

what is far infrared therapy

Rainbows are beautiful things (especially double rainbows!). Rainbows are a cornucopia of different colors. Each color represents a different wavelength of visible light. There are tons of different types of light, including some we can’t see. One of these is called far-infrared light.  You’ve probably heard of it in passing: “Far-infrared therapy.” But never had … Read more